Kingdom Investment Partner

A personal introduction to

Kingdom Investment Partners

from Apostle Leon Walters


Be a Part of All God is Doing at CI Central


By becoming a Kingdom Investment Partner you are investing , 
not only into the needs of the ministry, but into your own needs as well. Matt 13:8 tells us that the sower who invests in good ground will reap an increase of harvest.

We believe CI Central is good ground and those who invest into it will reap a manifold blessing. As we believe for increase and breakthroughs needed for the Kingdom and the vision of CI Central, we also believe God will bring increase and multiple breakthroughs for our Kingdom Investment Partners (KIP).

The kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our Lord. Kingdoms are institutions of influence that shape and impact the lives and decisions of individuals, nations and the world.

Kingdoms such as: Governments, Education, Family, Religion, Business/Economy, Arts & Entertainment, and Media

This task is attainable and possible with our God and the help of Kingdom Investment Partners.


Your Spiritual Rewards:
♦ Hearing the Voice of God: Acts 2:17
♦ Prophets Reward: Matthew 10:41
♦ Cutting Edge Revelation: Amos 3:7 

♦ Prophetic Vision for the future: Proverbs 29:18
♦ Empowering and Equipping to fulfill Kingdom purpose: 1 Timothy 4:14-15 

♦ Relationships for victorious warfare: 1Timothy 1:18-19 

♦ Kingdom Family Relationship: Malachi 4:5-6


Our Prayerful Commitment to You includes:
♦ Ongoing prayer support
♦ Special Event Cd's and Downloads
♦ Personal Prayer and Prophetic Ministry
♦ Special recognition at CI Central Events 

♦ Special discounts on Books and Materials 

♦ Discounts for Training Schools and Conference









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