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Apostles Leon & Donna


EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT, Christian International Ministries Network (CIMN)

PRESIDENT, CI Central (CIC) and CI Family Worship Center (CIFWC)


Apostle Leon desires to see the heart of Father God bring restoration, healing and maturity to the Body of Christ. For over 24 years, Apostles Leon and Mama Donna have served as Senior Pastors of Christian International Family Worship Center (CIFWC) in Versailles, IN. and Apostle Leon is President of Christian International Central (CIC) He is author of “Reset with No Regret” and has a new release coming in 2017, “The Power of Unity” and is currently writing a book titled "Spiritual Fathering; A Reproducing Anointing". Apostle Donna has written a booklet titled “Stir the Fire” which is also available through CI Central.


Apostle Leon has been helping cultivate the Prophetic and Apostolic Movements alongside Bishop Bill Hamon and the pioneering staff of CIMN for nearly 40 years. He served as administrator of CI School of Theology and was instrumental in developing the first Friday Night School of the Holy Spirit in October of 1979 and is held regularly CIFWC in Versailles and Vision Church in Santa Rosa Beach. Apostle Leon also helped cultivate CI Prophetic and Apostolic conferences and training seminars such as the International Gathering of the Apostles and Prophets and Ministering the Spiritual Gifts as well as the birthing of Bishop Hamon’s vision for the CI Apostolic Network of Ministers, an initiative offering relationship, covering, accountability and resources to churches and ministers of like heart, faith and vision shifting to present truth revelation that is appropriate for today.


In 1992, Apostle's Leon and Donna moved from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida to Versailles, Indiana to establish CI Family Worship Center and spearhead CI Central to be a sub-headquarters for the CIMN. Since then, thousands have been trained at CI Central through the Friday Night School of the Holy Spirit, Ministry Equipping School (MES), and ongoing CI Central Seminars and Conferences. Apostle Leon provides Apostolic oversight to over 80 churches in the Heartland Region of churches reaching out over nine states. CI Central has an ongoing vision for ministering restoration and renewal to leaders, families, churches and businesses, resetting their purpose and vision while bringing healing for body, soul and spirit, restoring them to fulfill their ministry calling. The CIC campus will provide ongoing education and training to equip the Saints for the work of the Ministry.


As a seasoned apostle, he ministers prophetically to thousands of people around the globe. As Executive Vice President of CIMN he lends support to all 13 CIAN regions and serves on all boards to bring wisdom, and apostolic soundness to the CIMN team.

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